Labor & Delivery

When you’re expecting a baby, you should also expect the highest quality of care and the best possible birth experience. Our patients deliver at Marin General Hospital’s Baby-Friendly® Family Birth Center, which shares our patient-centric philosophy. That means ensuring that you have a safe, meaningful labor and delivery that meets both your healthcare needs and personal preferences.

Marin General Hospital is the only hospital in either Marin or San Francisco to have a midwife-doctor team available in the hospital at all times. Their Family Birth Center has the technology, services, and expertise you need right here in Marin, including UCSF Health experts to provide specialized care for high-risk pregnancies and premature or ill newborns. The Family Birth Center provides an exceptional experience that delivers:

  • Confidence that you and your baby are receiving a level of medical care that meets the highest quality and safety standards
  • Control of your birth experience so you can have your baby, your way. Use Marin General Hospital’s Birth Preferences Plan to personalize your experience
  • Comfort throughout your labor and delivery, in a pleasant, nurturing atmosphere where all of your needs are met

What to Expect, When You are Expecting

The hospital-based Family Birth Center has immediate access to all the monitoring equipment, technology, and specialists needed to keep mother and baby as safe as possible. There is a surgical suite and on-site team at the ready 24/7 in the event a woman needs an emergency cesarean or other emergency OB/GYN-related surgeries. Medically, the Family Birth Center has excellent outcomes, as evidenced by these important markers:

  • Low cesarean section rate. A cesarean can be lifesaving for mother and/or baby. However, it is also open abdominal surgery. We only perform cesarean, whether planned or unplanned, when medically necessary
  • High rate of successful vaginal births after a cesarean (VBAC)
  • High breastfeeding rate: an impressive 99% of women who have their babies at the Family Birth Center choose to breastfeed
  • Baby-Friendly® Designated birth facility. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is a global program sponsored by the United Nations International Children’s Fund and the World Health Organization. Marin General Hospital is one of only 414 birth centers and hospitals (out of over 6,000 in the United States) to hold Baby-Friendly status

Schedule a Tour of Marin General Hospital’s Family Birth Center

Taking an in-person tour is an easy way to familiarize yourself and your spouse or partner with our facilities and our process. Tours are held the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm and the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. Call 1-888-99-MY-MGH (1-888-996-9644) to schedule.

Additionally, we encourage all expectant mothers planning on delivering at Marin General Hospital to take a “virtual tour” of their Family Birth Center by watching the video to the left.

Labor & Delivery

The spacious private rooms in the Family Birth Center are designed for the comfort of the mom-to-be and her loved ones. Each room has a private bath with a shower, television, comfortable chairs and tables, a rocking chair, and a warming table for the newborn. Once your baby is born and you have enjoyed a recovery and bonding period together, you and your new arrival will be transferred to another private room for the rest of your hospital stay. Cots are available for support people who wish to stay with the laboring woman overnight.

The Family Birth Center’s approach involves the whole family and aims to honor each woman’s Birth Preferences Plan so you can have your baby, your way. Spouses, older siblings, a doula, and whomever else you designate are all welcome to attend the labor and birth. Barring any complications, you are free to labor in the way that makes you most comfortable. At the same time, you can feel confident that everything is in place to keep you and your baby safe in the event of a complication.

  • An anesthesiologist is on call to provide pain medication at your request
  • Wireless fetal monitoring allows you to walk around your room freely without being tethered to a monitor. Intermittent fetal monitoring is also available if desired and clinically appropriate
  • Personnel and equipment are in place to perform an unplanned cesarean section or other emergency surgery. For midwife-assisted births, there are clear protocols for when and how the doctor steps in
  • While the hospital does not perform water deliveries, if you would like to labor in warm water, you can request an AquaEez® spa or bring your own birthing tub. When your baby is close to delivery, the nursing staff will help you find the most comfortable position to deliver your baby
  • Only one medical and/or midwifery student is allowed in the labor room at a time, and only with your permission

Our Expert Team

Our carefully selected team of board-certified physicians and certified midwives work in close collaboration to provide women and children with excellent care. Whether you are looking for a OB/GYN or a midwife, our team is accepting new patients and looks forward to seeing you.