Marin General Hospital

An Officially Baby-Friendly® Hospital

Prima OB/GYNs and certified nurse midwives are proud to deliver at Marin General Hospital, one of only 414 hospitals and birth centers (out of over 6,000 in the US) to have earned Baby-Friendly status. The Baby-Friendly Initiative is a global program sponsored by the United Nations International Children’s Fund and the World Health Organization. It recognizes hospitals and birth centers that offer an evidence-based, optimal level of care to promote breastfeeding. Learn more.

The 24/7 expert childbirth team at Marin General Hospital includes:

  • Obstetricians & Certified Nurse Midwives
  • UCSF Health Perinatologists to bring high-risk pregnancies to term and UCSF Health Neonatologists to care for newborns with health issues. In addition, pregnant women with types 1, 2, or gestational diabetes can get special advice and supervision from the hospital’s Braden Diabetes Center.
  • Support Team, including anesthesia, pediatrics, and dedicated obstetric and neonatal nurses

The hospital also houses Marin County’s only Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), staffed around-the-clock with an in-house pediatric and nurses who specializes in neonatology (the care of newborns). The NICU is equipped with an array of technologies, including isolettes, ventilators, intravenous pumps, radiant warmers, and pulse oximeters. The hospital offers expanded testing, screenings, and services for newborns and their parents, such as advanced respiratory therapy, developmental care, phototherapy, daily nutrition consultation, access to NICU pharmacists, lactation assistance, and family support. The hospital also has onsite audiology equipment for hearing screenings.

Take a Tour of Marin General Hospital’s Family Birth Center

Click here to take a virtual tour of Marin General Hospital’s family birth center. In-person tours of the Family Birth Center are available. Click here for more information.