Preparing for Delivery

Birth Preference Plan

We encourage you to fill out the Marin General Hospital Birth Preferences Plan so the hospital can best provide an environment that will make you most comfortable, physically and emotionally. Simply click here to fill out the Birth Preferences Plan online or click here to download and print out the form. This plan is not a contract and can be modified at any time. Every birth is different. It’s not possible to predict the course of your labor, so it’s important to understand that it may become medically necessary to adjust your birth preferences. For example, Marin General Hospital has excellent rates of successful vaginal births after a cesarean (VBAC) but your labor may end up proceeding in such a way that another cesarean becomes necessary.

Pre-Registration for Expectant Mothers

We strongly encourage all mothers expecting to deliver at Marin General Hospital to pre-register during your second trimester. This will speed up the admission process when you are in labor. Also, many insurance companies require pre-certification for hospital admission and reduce your benefit pay if you haven’t obtained pre-certification. Make sure you check with your insurance carrier for more information. Click here to pre-register.

Take a Tour of the Family Birth Center

Click here to take a virtual tour of Marin General Hospital’s Family Birth Center. In-person tours of the Family Birth Center are available, click here for more information.