Prescriptions & Refills


Should your clinician prescribe medication for treatment of a short lived or ongoing concern, it’s very important that you take the medication exactly as it has been prescribed. If you would like a refill of an ongoing medication, please FIRST contact your pharmacy and ask them to contact our office. They will most often send your request to us electronically as our clinicians now complete most medication refills via computer and these take just a few clicks to handle! This is the fastest and easiest way for you to obtain your refill. If that is not possible, or if you want to discuss a medication, please call our office. If you are on a controlled medication, State of California law requires that we see you monthly in order to do prescription refills for you. Lastly, many insurance plans now ask their members to use mail away services to fill prescriptions. If you have multiple prescriptions that need to be written for a mail order pharmacy we request that you make an appointment.

How to get a Prescription Refill

Please call the Pharmacy for your refill needs. The pharmacy will request approval from our offices.